How to Make a Birch Log Candle Holder

How to Make a Birch Log Candle Holder

A describes the various steps required to make a birch log candle holder and some ideas for decorating it.

For this project you will need a birch log about 4 inches in diameter and 18 inches long. The very first thing you’ll have to do is to create a flat on the bottom of the log so it won’t fall over when you set out on a table. This can be done by placing the log into a carpenter’s vice and using a plane to flatten the bottom until you have a flat space that is 2 inches wide by the length of the log. Then you turn the log over so that the rounded top is up. Bore a 1 inch hole in each end of the log about 2 inches from the end.

Now you have a basic birch log candle holder that you can now proceed to decorate. One of the simple as decorations is a big red bow placed in the middle the of log. You can use your imagination as to what other decorations you want to use on the log.

In order to keep the bark from peeling off the log after you have planed the flat list the edges of the bark and apply a strip of glue to the underside of the bark and then press down on it so that the bark will not peal off the log.

This is only one of many decorations that a birch log is capable of being turned into, but in our tradition most of the decorations will deal with the Christmas season. By making the candle holder smaller so not only will handle one candle at a time makes another interesting decoration. In essence you do the same thing as you did with the larger candle holder only this time the length of a log is smaller saying about 4 inches in total 1 inch candle whole right into the center of the log on the rounded side.

Another variation of this is to stand a log upright and put the candle hole into the opposite end. Any of these candle holders will support all kinds of decorations that you may want to apply to it.

An interesting variation to the candle holder is the planter this can be made by cutting off hollow into the top of the log large enough to be filled with some potting soil and planting. In this one you can use larger logs, and decorations of your choice.

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